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    Iran’s Mineral Exports Passed $7 Billion in 9 Months

    Metalsnews: Iran exported over 44 million tons of mineral products worth over $7 billion during the first nine months of the current fiscal year (March 21-Dec. 21), registering a 10% fall in tonnage and 1% growth in value compared with last year’s corresponding period.
    2019/1/20 11:12

    US sanctions will not hamper Iranian industries in terms of raw materials

    Metalsnews: Iran’s Deputy Minister for Industry, Mine and Trade Mehdi Karbasian says a special committee has been set up in the Ministry to study and handle the consequences of the US sanctions on Iranian industries.
    2018/6/11 15:26

    Karbasian announced in 9th IIICF:

    China Financing $5B in Iran Mine and Mining Industries Sector

    Metalsnews: Tehran, June 9, IMIDRO_ Iran mine and mining industries sector has attracted $5 billion of China’s $20billion finance in Iran concurrently with President Rouhani’s visit to China, Chairman of the board of IMIDRO announced in 9th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum.
    2018/6/10 14:58

    Over 700 Mineral Exploration Permits Issued

    Metalsnews: The Ministry of Industries, Mining and Trade issued 702 mineral exploration permits during the nine months to Dec. 21, 2017, indicating a 27.9% rise compared with last year’s corresponding period.
    2018/2/17 10:06

    Parliament Levies 1% Tax on Mineral Sales

    Metalsnews: Parliamentarians have mandated the government to tax 1% of miners’ total sales and deposit the earnings with the treasury as part of the next fiscal year’s (March 2018-19) budget. A vote of 115 for and 48 against ratified the measure into place on Monday, IRNA reported.
    2018/2/12 16:04

    2 MoUs to Help Revive Iran's Troubled Mines

    Metalsnews: A host of private mining companies and related state organizations signed two memoranda of understanding on Monday for cooperation in reviving 500 troubled small- and medium-sized mines in five years, Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization reported.
    2018/2/7 11:22

    Mineral Output Up 8.7%

    Metalsnews: Major Iranian mining companies produced 112.6 million tons of different products during the first four months of the current fiscal year (March 21-July 22), registering an 8.7% growth compared with last year’s corresponding period, the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization announced in its latest report.
    2017/8/10 11:10

    1.5b Tons of New Metal Reserves

    Metalsnews: Over 1.5 billion tons of proven metal reserves have been discovered since President Hassan Rouhani took office in August 2013, deputy minister of industries, mining and trade said on Wednesday.
    2017/5/30 16:02

    Sabalan’s Agate Potentials Untapped

    Metalsnews: A mine situated on the outskirts of Mount Sabalan in Ardebil Province holds the largest agate reserve in the world
    2017/5/30 15:59

    IMIDRO Elaborates on 4-Year Track Record

    Metalsnews: As the head of Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization, Mehdi Karbasian has been the face of the Iranian mining industry for the past few years.
    2017/5/30 15:36
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