Initiation of Development from Mining

    Middle East Mines and mineral Industries Development Holding Company (MIDHCO) as the largest private company in Iran, relying on the knowledge and expertise in, banking , mining and industrial support and benefit from the most competent natural and legal persons, was founded in 2007 with a capital of $ 33 million. Almost 1.5 million direct and indirect are stakeholders of the company.
    2017/5/31 06:19
 کنار اسلایدر عمودی(انگلیسی)
کنار باکس آخرین اخبار2(انگلیسی)
کنار باکس آخرین اخبار3(انگلیسی)
 کنار باکس آخرین اخبار1(انگلیسی)

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